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Tag Archive 'xp'

Crazy Cringely Gets Windows Discount Fever

Microsoft trims Windows 7 prices in the hopes of convincing people to pony up. Cringely finds himself caught up in discount fever.

XP’s death: Slightly exaggerated — again

Yes, it’s true. XP has gotten yet another small reprieve from Microsoft. Can we forget Vista ever existed?

Microsoft haters, Mac daddies, and Linux Lovers

You think the presidential election got people hopping mad? Try talking operating systems. Cringely revisits why people love to hate MSFT.

Windows XP: Dead, or just resting?

(This post originally appeared on Infoworld’s Notes From the Field blog.) It turns out the reports of XP’s death may be slightly exaggerated. Sure, the obits have been posted and the requiems are being sung. The fat lady has already packed up her girdle and gone home with a bucket of KFC. Yet it seems […]

Pick an OS, Any OS will do…

So there’s a lot of news this week about the ‘death’ of Windows XP. (I’ll have more thoughts on that later.) For now, though, let’s pretend just for fun that you could pick any operating system for your next PC — no monolithic monopolies can get in your way. Which would you pick? Fill out […]

Geek Week: Microsoft’s XP spin, Yahoo says ‘come on in!’

(This post originally appeared on Infoworld’s Notes From the Field blog.) by Robert X. Cringely Great eXPectations? Microsoft has made a multi-billion-dollar business out of spreading fear, uncertainty, and doubt, but lately it seems to be sharing the FUD about its own products. Take the burning question of when XP will shuffle off this mortal […]

Save the whales, save XP

(This post originally appeared in and/or on Infoworld’s Notes from the Field blog.) by Robert X. Cringely The international movement to save endangered operating systems (aka Windows XP) has gained supporters in unlikely quarters. Cringester J. C. reports: Just got a call from my Dell rep: Dell will provide XP on business class computers (Latitude […]

Geek Week: XP’s not sacked, iPhone dev kit hacked

(This post originally appeared on Infoworld’s Notes From the Field blog.) by Robert X. Cringely Full speed behind. It seems the rumors of XP’s death have been greatly exaggerated. Microsoft has bowed to overwhelming demand and decided to give XP a reprieve, kinda sorta. Scheduled to get the gas chamber in July, XP will continue […]