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2011: The year of the hacker

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. This will be the year of the hacker – or rather, the year hacking goes mainstream. It’s been brewing for quite some time. According to McAfee, a team of Chinese hackers has been infiltrating computer networks for the world’s largest oil and gas companies. Last week […]

WikiLeaks: The Spy Who Leaked Me

It’s like a Hollywood thriller. A military spy is arrested, betrayed by someone he thought to be a comrade in arms — a brilliant yet mentally unstable hacker. A journalist is on the run, hunted by the authorities who want to know what he knows. All we need is to add a love interest and […]

Wikileaks: Yet another ‘enemy of the state’

I just received an email from Wikileaks editor Julian Assange that’s pretty wild. It accuses the US government of deliberately trying to take the whistle-blower site down two years ago. As proof, Wikileaks has posted a 32-page classified document [PDF] from the Department of Defense Intelligence Analysis program, dated March 2008, which details "the counterintelligence […]

Wikileaks: Going down for the last time?

We have interrupted our nonstop coverage of Apple iPad mania to bring you this important word about the freedom of information. And, more specifically, Wikileaks.org. I’ve written about Wikileaks several times over the last few years, in part because it’s a classic example of why the Internet is such an extraordinary telecommunications tool. Wikileaks is […]

School for slander: Why anonymity is important

Google is at the heart of yet another Internet anonymity battle, this one between muckraking journalists and a Caribbean land developer. Will the search giant roll over and crush the little guys?

Wikileaks springs a leak

The famous whistle-blower site just blew its own whistle, leaking the email addresses of dozens of its financial supporters. Is this the beginning of the end of Wikileaks?

Geek Week: Palin’s email ails, Seinfeld campaign fails

Sarah Palin’s email gets hacked, Jerry Seinfeld gets smacked. It’s been a strange week here in Cringeville.

Use a Wiki, Change the World

Collaborative Web sites are becoming tools for social action (A version of this post originally appeared in the June issue of US Airways Magazine – but for some reason I never posted it til now.) Do you use a wiki? If not, you probably will soon. A wiki is a Web site where virtually anyone […]