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Facebook phone rumors are real. The Facebook Phone? Not so much.

God I love the InterWebs. Years from now, scholars dissecting the complete disintegration of journalism in the 21st centure will look back at us and say, what the frak? The example du jour: The Facebook Phone rumors, which were sparked this past weekend by TechCrunch and continue to burn. If you believe what you read […]

Hey Facebook users, scammers have a crush on you

I’ve written a bit lately about how cyber thieves using social media to scam people. It turns out the most egregious scammers are many so-called “legitimate” companies that run deceptive ads on these networks. TechCrunch has a fascinating series on how advertisers are using social games to trick Facebook and MySpace users into forking over […]

Is that a Tablet PC, or are you just glad to see me?

You can’t stumble around the Internet these days without bumping into it. News, rumor, speculation, and hot gossip about — no, not David Letterman’s love life (who knew he had one?) or the Jon and Kate Gosselin train wreck — but Tablet PCs. Yes, over the last year the PC’s buck-toothed, developmentally challenged second cousin […]

Facing the haters at Facebook

Should Facebook deny Holocaust deniers on its site? Where should the lines be drawn? It’s a question with no easy answer.

Apple + Twitter = My Ass

Rumors can spread like tumors on the Web. Mostly they’ve been benign, but malignant ones may soon be coming.

Conversation, My Ass

Michael Arrington’s sudden hiatus from TechCrunch belies a bigger problem on the ‘social’ web: it’s getting more and more anti-social. Even Cringe is feeling the effects.

There’s No Business Like Show Business

(This post originally appeared on Infoworld’s Notes From the Field blog.) Big trade shows like CES (and in the paleolithic era, Comdex) may have all the glitz, glamour, and booth bimbos, but the real action happens in the smaller confabs where the elite meet and greet. That’s where the next Googles and Facebooks will emerge. […]

The end of Microhooglemania?

(This post originally appeared on Infoworld’s Notes From the Field blog.) It’s over, finito, kaput. The fat lady hasn’t merely stopped singing, she’s taken off her girdle and waddled home. There are now so many forks stuck into the Microsoft Yahoo deal that it looks like a cutlery display. This time its really really really […]