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Oh noooooo! AT&T snaps up T-Mobile.

Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in. I’m not talking about Michael Corleone and the Mafia. It’s worse than the Mafia. I’m talking about AT&T. Literally just yesterday I had the following conversation: She: We’re running out of minutes. T-Mobile has a pretty good deal going now but that means […]

Using technology can put your life — not just your data — at risk

Microsoft may have recovered most of Sidekick users’ missing data, but the bigger point remains: We’re deeply dependent on tech. When it screws up, lives can be lost.

The Year of Data Living Dangerously

For a while there it looked like 2009 would be remembered as the Year of the Dead Celebrity. But Michael, Farrah, Walter, Ed and all the rest may have to move over. This is rapidly becoming the Year the Data Died. Exhibit A, of course, is the T-Mobile Sidekick Debacle, with Microsoft subsidiary Danger in […]