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Tag Archive 'Steve Jobs'

The 10 dumbest tech moves of 2010

It’s been quite a year. And in what has become a tradition here in Cringeville, it’s time to honor the most malicious, obnoxious, offensive, or nonsensical behavior in technology. This year’s winners include captains of industry, titans of technology, sultans of sweat, and a number of other people desperately in need of a clue. Among […]

Steve Jobs: Messiah or menace?

Have Apple and Steve Jobs gone too far? I asked this question in a blog post last week ("Steve Jobs vs. the world"). Since then, Apple rejected an app from Pulitzer Prize-winning political cartoonist Mark Fiore, only to rescind the rejection after a media outcry. In an email to a Apple customer, Steve Jobs threw […]

Steve Jobs takes on the universe

Contrary to popular belief in certain circles, Steve Jobs can’t actually walk on water. But you wouldn’t know it based on how he and his company have been acting of late. Item #1. Over the weekend, a minor kerfuffle erupted when Daring Fireball blogger John Gruber noticed Apple had updated its Developer Probram License Agreement […]

iPad, schmypad. I’m just happy it’s over.

The circus is finally over. The carnies are pulling down the tents, the clowns have packed up their seltzer bottles, and we are basking in the soft sweet afterglow of greatness. So much for Obama’s State of the Union address. Now about that Apple event earlier today. By now you’ve probably seen or read dozens […]

Apple tablet madness: Will it ever end?

Forget Obamacare or the new Republican senator from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Pay no attention to the New Orleans Saints or the Jay Leno/Conan O’Brien soap opera. You can even safely ignore the Chinese and their cyber-shenanigans. There’s only one thing happening in the world this week, and it’s taking place in about 48 hours […]

It’s Apple’s world, and welcome to it

Well it finally happened. Digital versions of The Beatles’ catalog are finally coming to Apple. It’s just not the Apple you’re thinking of. On December 8, you may be able to buy all of the recently released digitally remastered Beatles songs — along with 13 mini video documentaries — on an apple-green 16GB USB stick […]

Apple: Poachers will be punished

Did Apple try to strong-arm Palm into a ‘don’t touch ours, we won’t touch yours’ hiring arrangement? If so, it may have run afoul of antitrust laws.

Sour Apple: Steve Jobs and snow jobs

Has the high-tech icon really returned to health and his old job? Apple would like you to think so. Cringely’s not so sure.

Dead man blogging

Still planning to make millions as a blogger? Don’t quit your day job just yet. The era of blogging for bucks may already be over.

Going Steve-less

It’s official: Steve Jobs is taking a six-month leave from Apple to fight some serious health problems. Cringely speculates on what life without Steve would be like.

Crimes, anonymity, and the Net

Sites like Craigslist and CNN’s iReport are at the center of two recent Net-enabled crimes. Is it time to reconsider the value of anonymity on the Net?