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Tag Archive 'spies'

Wikileaks: Yet another ‘enemy of the state’

I just received an email from Wikileaks editor Julian Assange that’s pretty wild. It accuses the US government of deliberately trying to take the whistle-blower site down two years ago. As proof, Wikileaks has posted a 32-page classified document [PDF] from the Department of Defense Intelligence Analysis program, dated March 2008, which details "the counterintelligence […]

When cams attack; the Webcamgate plot thickens

I knew my story about the Lower Merion School District spying on its students via their Web cams would get a rise out of the Cringeville population, and I wasn’t disappointed. Since I posted the piece, however, there have been a few new developments. For one, Harriton High assistant principal Lindy Matsko has issued an […]

Obama taps and other clap trap, redux

Flames are raging here in Cringeville after my post about Glenn Beck and the Obama ‘conspiracy’ to take over your computer. Here’s some more fuel for the fire.

Cyber Wars: Turn out the lights, the party’s over

Is the power grid under cyber attack? US spooks say yes. Better hunker down before Russia or China pull the plug.

All the best cowboys have Chinese spies

By now you’ve probably read about GhostNet, the vast spy network that was uncovered after the office of the Dalai Lama asked researchers at the University of Toronto to examine their computer networks for malware. The researchers not only found nasties there, they uncovered an entire network that connected almost 1300 computers in 103 countries […]

Geek Week: China cheats on ages, spy controversy rages

What do Chinese gymnasts and FBI agents have in common? They believe laws (and/or regulations) are made to be broken.

Data security meets disco fever

Seductive Asian agents, wayward Brits, purloined Blackberries — it sounds like a LeCarre novel, but it’s really a true story. Cringely dives deep into a sex/spy scandal of Olympian proportions and talks about what this means for you and your data.

Geek Week: E-voting experts and nymphomaniacs wanted, inquire within

(This entry originally appeared in Infoworld’s Notes from the Field blog.) by Robert X. Cringely I met a gin-soaked barroom queen…. While I was digging through the Net looking for the skinny on Sequoia Voting Systems and its mystery contractor Kwaidan Consulting (aka Mike Gibbons), the Bradblog’s Brad Friedman was doing the same. He managed […]