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Spam? No thank you m’am

I don’t know about you, but beautiful Russian girls are just dying to meet me. They’re all 26 yo, most of them are named Olga, and from their descriptions they sound totally hot. But first I have to buy a fantastic luxury timepiece, change my Facebook log in, get a bucketful of knock-off prescriptions, and […]

Is social media dying?

To hear some people tell it, social sites like Facebook and Twitter are on the wane. Cringely thinks they’re only just getting started.

Facebook, MySpace, and social (media) diseases

Social media is on the rise, and so are the privacy and security risks. Is it time to dial back on the whole Web 2.0 ‘friend’ thing?

Bloggers beware: Bad ads can come back to bite you

Last week I wrote about Linkstar, a UK-based company that offers to place text ads for its clients on small, low-traffic Web sites. (See“The curious case of Linkstar Media.”) Though Linkstar is extremely close-lipped about who it is and what it does, I couldn’t see anything wrong with the ads they were placing (unless you […]

Twitter phishing scam: Not so Tweet

No matter how nice your Net neighborhood is, eventually the scum of the earth will move in next door. And so it goes with Twitter. The Twitteratti are all atwitter about a phishing scam that hit over the weekend. The phishing tweets came in the form of direct messages – essentially private texts only Twitter […]

12 Ways Porn Has Changed the Web (for Good and Evil)

The sex industry is behind many innovations that today’s Netizens cannot live without, as well as some nasty bits we wish never existed. For an industry that many won’t admit they’ve ever patronized, pornography has had an amazing impact on virtually every new medium, from cave painting to photography. Dirty pictures have been credited with […]

Will the Real Spam King Please Stand Up?

This post originally appeared on As more and more spammers are arrested, prosecuted, and sued under state and federal antispam statutes, there’s one thing you can count on: Someone somewhere will invariably call the targeted spammer a “spam king.” It seems the bulk e-mail industry has more kings than a pinochle deck. But who […]

Weird Spam of the Day

OK, like every human with an email account I get countless amounts of spam. Fortunately most of it is caught by the three four five spam filters that clean my inbox (my ISP has one, my web host, my email program’s, etc.).  But occasonally one or two slip through. This morning’s beauty? An email titled […]

Stupid email tricks: Hold the Democrats, add the salami

You’d think that by now major political parties, national newspapers, and food franchises would have a handle on email. Of course, you’d be wrong. Cringely details how the Democratic Party, the Wall Street Journal, and Pizza Hut are pulling stupid email tricks out of their, umm, hats.

More Twitter Weirdness

So I got the usual "some total stranger is now following you on Twitter" message yesterday. When I clicked the link inside the email I got the following screen, which I’d never seen before: "Shelly" says she is from Canada and "enjoys showing people how to market online." She’s following 1922 people but only 30 […]

Major comment spam attack

Over the last 24 hours this blog has been hit with hundreds of comment spams, all trying to drive people to the same site. (Thank god for Akismet, which trapped all but one of them.) I had over 100 in less than a day. The spam tries to drive you to a porn version of […]