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    Would you trust a LinkedIn endorsement from someone wearing a banana on his head?

    Stop me if this has happened to you. You open your inbox one morning and see a message from an old work colleague named Bob, sent via LinkedIn. It looks something like this: Eager to find out what wonderful things Bob has to say about you, you click the “See endorsements” link in the message, […]

    Facebook socialists are bringing down the InterWebs

    The problem with the Internet these days? In a word: socialism. No not that faux Obama socialism certain people like to rail against (because they’ve got to be PO’d about something). I’m talking about the real scourge of the net: social media. Now, I use social media and I (mostly) like social media. I use […]

    Memo to Google: Buzz Off

    I wake up each morning with the same mix of hope and dread. I hope Google will buy me for a princely sum and allow me to retire to some sandy beach where they serve mojitos 24/7. And I fear Google will simply invent a better version of me, forcing me to get a job […]

    Is social media dying?

    To hear some people tell it, social sites like Facebook and Twitter are on the wane. Cringely thinks they’re only just getting started.

    Meet ‘Garbo': The anti-social network

    Like many people, Randy Hallet is fed up with the Facebooking of the planet. Unlike most, he’s decided to do something about it. The 30-something Webpreneur has created what he calls “the anti-social network.” Hallet declined to speak by phone, though he did agree to an interview via Twitter. He tweeted: “I’m fed up with […]

    Facebook, MySpace, and social (media) diseases

    Social media is on the rise, and so are the privacy and security risks. Is it time to dial back on the whole Web 2.0 ‘friend’ thing?

    Conversation, My Ass

    Michael Arrington’s sudden hiatus from TechCrunch belies a bigger problem on the ‘social’ web: it’s getting more and more anti-social. Even Cringe is feeling the effects.

    The Twittering Masses

    Micro-blogs offer new ways to reach out and touch—140 characters at a time (This post originally appeared in the August issue of US Airways Magazine.) When American photojournalist James Buck was taken into custody by Egyptian security forces last April, he didn’t call his lawyer, the US embassy, or his mother. He whipped out his […]