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    Tag Archive 'NSA'

    Love trees? Hate meat? You too may be a terrorist.

    Read any good spy stories lately? It’s all I’ve been doing for the past five days. Thanks to a 29-year-old disgruntled security geek named Edward James Snowden, we all know quite a bit more about what our nation’s spies are probably doing than we did just a few days ago. While the details are still […]

    Big data, big problems? Here’s one possible solution

    By now it’s kind of a truism that Big Data is going to be Big Business. Marketing companies want to comb big data sets to determine what you’re likely to buy, so they can show you the right offers at the right time. Health care providers want to analyze big data so they can determine […]

    Wikileaks: Yet another ‘enemy of the state’

    I just received an email from Wikileaks editor Julian Assange that’s pretty wild. It accuses the US government of deliberately trying to take the whistle-blower site down two years ago. As proof, Wikileaks has posted a 32-page classified document [PDF] from the Department of Defense Intelligence Analysis program, dated March 2008, which details "the counterintelligence […]

    Tweet if you love Osama…

    I always knew those Twitterati were up to no good. And now it seems the US Army has cottoned on to this as well. A draft US Army intelligence report has identified Twitter as a potential tool for terrorism. (You can find a copy on the Federation of American Scientists web site [PDF].) Apparently the […]

    Uncle Spy Wants You

    (This post originally appeared on Infoworld’s Notes From the Field blog.) Last week the House of Representatives passed a "compromise" amendment to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, though it sounds like the only things that have been compromised are our Constitutional rights. Now the Senate is poised to do the same. Unfortunately, the FISA Amendments […]