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10 stupid social media predictions for 2011

As I write this there are but a few hours left of 2010, which I believe will be remembered as the year Facebook became the dominant force on the InterWebs, supplanting even mighty Google in its reach and depth. What will happen in 2011? Beats me. But that won’t stop me from offering up some […]

Hey Facebook users, scammers have a crush on you

I’ve written a bit lately about how cyber thieves using social media to scam people. It turns out the most egregious scammers are many so-called “legitimate” companies that run deceptive ads on these networks. TechCrunch has a fascinating series on how advertisers are using social games to trick Facebook and MySpace users into forking over […]

The robots are taking over the blogosphere

Online content factory Demand Media has a new way to generate blogs and videos, using software and a network of human drones. Welcome to your Web nightmare.

Meet ‘Garbo': The anti-social network

Like many people, Randy Hallet is fed up with the Facebooking of the planet. Unlike most, he’s decided to do something about it. The 30-something Webpreneur has created what he calls “the anti-social network.” Hallet declined to speak by phone, though he did agree to an interview via Twitter. He tweeted: “I’m fed up with […]

Social media? Booming. Social media advertising? Not so much.

Would you prefer the chocolate cinnamon dogshit or the raspberry swirl? In the end, it’s still dogshit.

Facebook, MySpace, and social (media) diseases

Social media is on the rise, and so are the privacy and security risks. Is it time to dial back on the whole Web 2.0 ‘friend’ thing?

Will the Real Spam King Please Stand Up?

This post originally appeared on As more and more spammers are arrested, prosecuted, and sued under state and federal antispam statutes, there’s one thing you can count on: Someone somewhere will invariably call the targeted spammer a “spam king.” It seems the bulk e-mail industry has more kings than a pinochle deck. But who […]

Social Netiquette: Oh Behave!

Think you know how to mind your manners in the brave new world of social networks? You may be in for a rude awakening. [Note: A severely neutered version of this story appears on Call that version “Copyeditors Gone Wild.” Here’s what this story was supposed to look like.] Etiquette used to be easy. […]

Embarrassing Photo #9: Nice, err, Pom Poms

As Texas is to nude art teachers, Illinois is to scantily clad cheerleading coaches. In April 2007, 25-year-old Natosha Shaw was temporarily stripped of her pom poms when parents at Waukegan High discovered sexy photos on Shaw’s MySpace profile. Parents claimed the aspiring dancer/model was also "inexperienced, incompetent, and immature" as well as under dressed. […]

Is Sarah Palin more popular than porn? Search me

Do search terms really indicate what Americans are thinking? It all depends if you believe Americans are actually thinking. Cringely has more.

Embarrassing Photo #5: Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum

What do you do with a drunken pirate? Throw her in the brig–or, if you’re Millersville University, deny her a teaching degree. That’s what happened to Stacey Snyder, a then-27-year-old student teacher who posted a self portrait to her MySpace page under the caption "drunk pirate," even though it was not clear from the photo […]

Embarrassing Photo #3: Muscle bound or muscle brained?

What is it about firehouses that makes people want to take off their clothes? In this case, Boston fireman Alberto Arroyo got in trouble for stripping down to take part in a body-building competition last May. (He finished eighth in the 2008 Pro Natural American Championships, by the way.) There’s nothing wrong with fire fighters […]

Embarrassing Photo #2: Quick, call 911 – my pants are on fire

Now that an ex-beauty queen is running for the VP slot, life may be easier for hot mommas who also happen to be office holders. It will be too late to help Carmen Kontur-Gronquist, though. The former mayor of Arlington, Oregon, got in hot water with her constituents after a family member posted photos to […]

Embarrassing Photo #1 – Hey Kevin, Tinker Belle wants her outfit back

It’s bad enough to dress up like you’re about to slip a dollar under some toothless child’s pillow. But former intern Kevin Colvin made it much worse by asking his boss at Anglo Irish Bank if he could take time off for a “family emergency in New York,” then flitting off to a Halloween party […]

Smoking guns and broken voting machines

(This post originally appeared on Infoworld’s Notes From the Field blog.) by Robert X. Cringely My last post about Sequoia Voting Systems and its painfully stupid e-voting machines inspired both cheers and jeers from the Cringe faithful. Cringester E. N. believes we should all just grow up and accept that mistakes happen (though he seems […]

The WhizKid Files: Ashley Qualls

In researching my story on wunderkids, I asked Ashley Qualls (AshBo to her friends) how it felt like to build a site to give away her MySpace designs and turn it into a thriving business. now pulls in more than $1 million a year in ad revenue. Did I mention that Ashley started […]