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You know how in horror movies when the beast/zombie/alien monster/ ghostly apparition looks it’s finally been vanquished but you know it’s still going to rise up one more time to scare the bejesus out of you? Meet the real life equivalent: the RIAA and the MPAA. Despite being beaten like a drum last year over […]

Joel fought back…. with Styrofoam?

File swapper Joel Tenenbaum fought the law, and the law won. Now a jury must decide how much he owes the RIAA.

Don’t stop believing in the RIAA’s capacity for evil

Another file swapping law suit, another outrageous verdict. Something’s deeply wrong with the laws controlling copyrights.

The wrong arm of the law

Want to know the biggest problem with the RIAA’s relentless pursuit of file swappers? In the age of the Internet, the courts are decades behind the times.

Pirate Bay crew gets the hook

Despite big fines and prison time, the Pirate Bay four remain defiant. Even if Hollywood manages to sink these Bit Torrent trackers, there’s an entire fleet waiting to take their place.

A Wolverine in Fox’s clothing

Forget pirating movies — just talking about using BitTorrent is enough to get you canned. But when it comes to online leaks the movie studios end up winning more than they lose.

Is the RIAA admitting defeat?

The recording industry has fired some of its online spies — but that doesn’t mean they’re about to get all warm and cuddly. Cringe has the scoop.

Death, taxes, and the RIAA

Your tax dollars are not only saving billionaire bankers from their own bad habits, they’re also helping to bail out the recording industry. Does the RIAA really truly need our help? To quote Amy Winhouse, “no no no.”

Drop that DVD copying software and put your hands in the air

Don’t expect to be making legal copies of your DVDs any time soon. A judge has extended the order banning sales of the RealDVD copying software. Hollywood is happy, but are consumers getting a raw deal?

RealDVDs, surreal law suits

Well, that didn’t take long. One day after RealNetworks releases its DVD copying software, lawsuits are filed. Who’s right, who’s wrong, and where do movie fans fit in? Cringely has some thoughts.

Demo: Real Networks lets you copy DVDs without being a scurvy pirate.

The biggest story from Demo so far: Real Networks RealDVD recorder, which lets you make legal copies of your DVDs on your computer, just like you can with your music CDs. It’s a simple concept wrapped in a legal minefield. Real does this legally by paying the same licensing fees that manufacturers of DVD players […]