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Tag Archive 'Microsoft'

Who can you trust with your data? Twitter, yes. Apple, AT&T and Verizon, not so much.

You may not be aware of this, but: We are officially in the middle of Privacy Awareness Week, according to the FTC. To mark it, the Electronic Frontier Foundation published its annual “Who Has Your Back?” report, which details how major Internet companies share data with the government. Seeking a company that will stand up […]

Auto Robotica: What will we do when our cars are smarter than we are?

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the IFA 2012 consumer electronics show in Berlin as a guest of the IFA organizers. When not drinking Pilsner and eating bratwurst I managed to squeeze in a panel on the future of the car, featuring representatives from Ford, Microsoft, Inrix (the leading provider of aggregated traffic […]

Paul Allen, patent troll?

As co-founder of Microsoft, early supporter of commercial space flight, and major world philanthropist, Paul Allen has already left a pretty large footprint on the world. Now it seems he’s determined to leave his muddy tracks over some of the biggest names in tech. Allen’s company, Interval Licensing Corp, is suing a Who’s Who of […]

Good Bye Microsoft, Hello GoogApple

I recently had an experience that epitomizes everything that’s wrong with Microsoft, and why it is rapidly being tossed into the Recycling Bin of history. I have a Vista laptop and, as I’ve recently learned, I am powerless over it. (Just saying that makes me feel like I should belong to a 12-step group. But […]

Microsoft’s new mojo lies with Windows Phone 7

They’re baaaack. Just when you thought the dragon had been mortally wounded and sloughed off to its cave to die, it comes back spitting fire and disturbing the neighbors. At this week’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Microsoft introduced a new mobile operating system that appears to be nothing like any OS it’s ever invented, […]

Google = Microsoft circa 1992?

If you work at Google, your ears are surely burning right now. Google’s introduction of its Buzz social media tool this week was possibly the most disastrous product debut in the company’s 12-year history. Almost immediately Google Buzz got smacked around hard by the blogosphere and veteran journos for making it easy to access information […]

CES 2010: The hype has only just begun

The 2010 Vegas Gadgetfest is winding down today, and I’m sure all the cabbies, blackjack dealers, and strippers are breathing a sigh of relief. (CES attendees — and geeks in general — don’t do much gambling and are notoriously lousy tippers, or so I’ve been told.) As always, CES is one enormous hype factory. Its […]

10 years later: What will the tech world look like in 2020?

It’s kind of hard to believe the first decade of the third millennium is almost over. Seems like only yesterday we were pulling out our hair worrying about Y2K; now we worry about whether enough total strangers are following the minutiae of our lives on Twitter and Facebook. The last ten years have been dominated […]

A rainbow coalition of death screens

The Windows “Black Screen of Death” is striking terror across the Web. But whether it’s actually striking any machines is debatable. Cringely suggests other colors we might consider.

Can Google News be fixed?

Dan Lyons, perhaps better known to residents of Cringeville as the evil genius behind the Fake Steve Jobs blog, has a curious piece in the current issue of Newsweek talking about the rivalry between Google and Microsoft. It’s curious, because Lyons — who usually seems like a pretty sharp guy — doesn’t seem to understand […]

Axis of Evil: Microsoft Meets Murdoch

Is Microsoft planning a secret news cartel that will ace out Google? Are Steve Ballmer and Rupert Murdoch in cahoots? That’s the butt that’s been scuttling across the blogosphere this morning, as reports leak that Bing has offered to pay News Corp. actual cash dollars for exclusive rights to index its various properties (Wall Street […]

Windows 7: The readers speak

Reactions to last week’s screed about Windows 7 (“Will Windows 7 change our minds about Microsoft?”) came in fast and furious, with readers weighing in on every side of the issue. Let’s start with some hate mail from G.G., whom one can only presume is a bit of a Microsoft fanboy: Nice hatchet job on […]

Windows 7: Here are the real Whoppers

As operating system launches go, Windows 7 has been a pretty sweet one for Microsoft. The reviews are mostly thumbs up. And aside from some unintentionally hilarious videos promoting Windows 7 launch parties, they’ve mostly done things right. Today, the Microsoft site is featuring a running series of tweets praising the new OS (though they’re […]

Using technology can put your life — not just your data — at risk

Microsoft may have recovered most of Sidekick users’ missing data, but the bigger point remains: We’re deeply dependent on tech. When it screws up, lives can be lost.

The Year of Data Living Dangerously

For a while there it looked like 2009 would be remembered as the Year of the Dead Celebrity. But Michael, Farrah, Walter, Ed and all the rest may have to move over. This is rapidly becoming the Year the Data Died. Exhibit A, of course, is the T-Mobile Sidekick Debacle, with Microsoft subsidiary Danger in […]

Is that a Tablet PC, or are you just glad to see me?

You can’t stumble around the Internet these days without bumping into it. News, rumor, speculation, and hot gossip about — no, not David Letterman’s love life (who knew he had one?) or the Jon and Kate Gosselin train wreck — but Tablet PCs. Yes, over the last year the PC’s buck-toothed, developmentally challenged second cousin […]

Where oh where is that 8-hour laptop?

I’ve been bitching and moaning about battery life for as long as there have been luggables, and I feel like I’ve lugged most of them, starting with a 28-pound Compaq 286 Portable (aka the “sewing machine”) back when I was still a pup, relatively speaking. In July I wrote about a class action suit filed […]

Legal beagles take a bite out of Real Networks & Microsoft

Recent rulings against Real Networks and Microsoft reinforce a painful truth: The law can no longer keep up with technology.

Microsoft to Yahoo: Last night was great. I’ll call you, promise.

What’s left to say about the Microsoft-Yahoo ad deal? How about, So long Yahoo, it was nice knowin’ ya.

Does anyone still Yahoo?

The number 2 seach portal has a new(ish) CEO and a new look. But is that enough to keep Yahoo from being steamrolled by Google or manhandled by Microsoft?