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Tag Archive 'McCain'

Politics 2.0

The Internet has changed presidential politics forever – and mostly for the better As I write this column, the U.S. presidential race is still tighter than a pair of $2 shoes. But this time around, it might not be hanging chads or hockey moms that determine who wins. It might just be the Internet. [Note: […]

The Once and Future Geek King

Obama has yet to fill the position of the nation’s CTO, despite plenty of help from Cringesters. Here are a few more suggestions from the land of the geeks.

Escape from voting machine Hell

As the presidential election finally arrives, we’re hip deep in horror stories about voting machines run amok. Here’s how to make sure your vote really counts.

Windows: Unsafe at any speed, part deux

My, my. The “Windows: Unsafe at any speed?” post last week certainly raised a few hackles -– thanks in part to a totally unexpected appearance on the New York Times web site. (Hello New Yawkers, and welcome to Geek Street USA.) I haven’t gotten this violent a reaction since I suggested the Creation Museum add […]

Obama drama or McCain pain? Techies show a clear preference

Who does the high tech world want to be our next president? How about a dark horse candidate with no skeletons in his closet and a clear tech agenda? Read on to find out who Cringely’s voting for this year.

Vote early, vote often — but above all, vote carefully

Does your vote really count? Apparently not if you use a touch-screen voting machine in West Virginia. Cringely has more details on a true vote fraud scandal.

Geek Week: Campaigns mired in sleaze, Microsoft & Google make peace

Politics is infecting everything these days, from YouTube to email to, yes, Cringely’s blog. Thank god Microsoft and Google finally decided to get along. Right?

Is would-be VP Sarah Palin a hacker?

Does the GOP VP nominee possess hidden computer skills? Can she possibly bring the White House into the 21st century, technologically at least? Cringely has a few thoughts.