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Microsoft vs. Apple: The battle rages on

One of geekdom’s oldest cold wars has suddenly turned hot, as Redmond and Cupertino duke it out in public. Cringe has an idea who’ll win.

Too cool to use Windows, too cheap to buy a Mac

The Windows/Mac holy wars are back with a vengeance. As you may recall, last week Steve “The Mad” Ballmer’s declared that the only difference between an Apple Macintosh and a Windows PC is a $500 logo. What seemed to be yet another bout of Ballmer’s persistent Tourette’s turns out to be a cunning marketing ploy, […]

Ballmer to Apple: Bite Me

Microsoft’s Big Cheese says in a down economy people won’t pay $500 just for the Mac logo. Are Apple fanboyz crazy about logos or is Ballmer just plain loco?

Who’s been naughty and nice in 2008?

Why should Santa have all the fun? I’ve also been making a list and checking it twice to figure out who deserves treats in their stockings and who’s getting a big honkin’ lump of coal. Here in no particular order are my picks for the good/bad boys and girls of tech for 2008. Naughty: Apple […]

I’m a PC, she’s a Mac. Are you a sucker?

Microsoft has launched the next phase of its $300 million effort to convince us that Vista is not a dog — while quietly pushing its replacement, Windows 7. What’s wrong with this picture?

Embarrassing Photo #10: Then We Ordered Another Bottle of Tequila, and When I Woke Up One of My Kidneys Was Missing

It was a vacation she’d probably rather forget. When Janet Dudley-Eshbach, president of Salisbury University in Maryland, created an album of her family’s trip to Mexico on Facebook in October 2007, she didn’t expect a local TV station to broadcast the photos to the world, or to have a Wikipedia entry covering the mini-scandal. The […]

Embarrassing Photos #12: I’m a PC, She’s a Mac, and You’re Unemployed

Michael Hanscom did not pose nude on Flickr, attack the locals with a stick on his trip to Mexico, or dress up like the Fairy Princess while calling in sick. His crime? In October 2003, the Microsoft temp posted photos of Macintosh G5s being unloaded on the Redmond campus to his blog with the title […]

The McCracken Factor

Harry McCracken (aka Technologizer) did a great podcast with the folks over at MyMac Magazine the other day. And what’s so great about it? Because he names me as one of his favorite tech writers, that’s why. And I didn’t even have to pay him (though the check is now in the mail). The money […]