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    iPad, schmypad. I’m just happy it’s over.

    The circus is finally over. The carnies are pulling down the tents, the clowns have packed up their seltzer bottles, and we are basking in the soft sweet afterglow of greatness. So much for Obama’s State of the Union address. Now about that Apple event earlier today. By now you’ve probably seen or read dozens […]

    Happy 8th birthday, iPod. You changed our lives. Now go away.

    Amidst all the hubbub last week surrounding Windows 7 — not to mention Burger King’s 7-layer Windows Whopper — I totally missed one of the key anniversaries in tech history. As MacWorld’s Scott McNulty notes, the iPod quietly turned 8 last Friday. My first reaction: Only 8? Hasn’t it been with us forever? But no. […]

    Apple: Poachers will be punished

    Did Apple try to strong-arm Palm into a ‘don’t touch ours, we won’t touch yours’ hiring arrangement? If so, it may have run afoul of antitrust laws.

    Microsoft vs. Apple: The battle rages on

    One of geekdom’s oldest cold wars has suddenly turned hot, as Redmond and Cupertino duke it out in public. Cringe has an idea who’ll win.

    Going Steve-less

    It’s official: Steve Jobs is taking a six-month leave from Apple to fight some serious health problems. Cringely speculates on what life without Steve would be like.

    Apple kills DRM dead — and it’s about time

    Digital rights management is finally pushing up daisies — at least for music. But did Steve Jobs pay too high a price? Cringe has the skinny.

    Greatest gadgets of the last five years (and maybe of all time)

    The best gadgets are simple, elegant, and change your life in ways you don’t expect Five years ago my Gadget Freak column began with a simple mission. To explore brave new technologies, to seek out new gizmos and gear, and to boldly go where no gadget column had gone before. Now that mission is over. […]

    A Miracle in the Valley

    Thousands of worshipers flock to view ‘holy site’ in Los Altos garage by Dan Tynan They came alone or in groups, giddy with excitement or hushed with awe. They brought flowers and ribbons and broken down Powerbooks. They lined the sidewalks of this quiet suburban neighborhood, patiently waiting to see what everyone had been talking […]