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Murder 2014: Colonel Mustard, in the chat room, with the Internet

In a couple of years the Internet might just kill you. At least, that’s one of the 2014 predictions from one security company. This is the time of year when everyone and their dog posts their predictions for what will happen in the wacky world of tech in 2013. The reason? Nobody wants to work […]

Sex, censorship, and the Net

There’s a war going on between wanna-be Web cops and those who like their Net unregulated. Is Internet censorship inevitable?

Interview With Myself: The Privacy Crisis in America

This is an interview I did with David Tortorelli, president of Book Premieres, which I did years ago and just found on the Ezinearticles Web site, for some reason. I’d hired David to promote my book, Computer Privacy Annoyances, and this appeared on the book’s Web site (now defunct). But the things I talked about […]

A Porn Free Internet?

The FCC may soon require bidders on a swath of the wireless spectrum to deliver a free, wireless version access to the Net — sans adult content. Is a porn-free Internet possible or even desirable? Infoworld’s Robert Cringely has some thoughts on the matter here. Tell us how you feel about it by registering your […]

Six Technologies That Will Change Your Life

In the next decade, we might not whiz around in jet cars or own personal robot servants, but we will whiz around in 3D virtual worlds and have access to the Internet from everywhere. (A version of this story appeared in the March/April issue of Consumer Digest magazine, which has no real online presence – […]