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Tag Archive 'hacking'

Share a hyperlink, go to prison?

Don’t look now, but there’s a crime wave surging across the Webbernets. Everywhere you look people are recklessly sharing dangerous and illegal hyperlinks. Lock up your children, barricade the doors and windows, throttle your broadband connection, and pray that the FBI gets to these scofflaws in time.  Am I being a bit too sarcastic? Maybe. […]

Anonymous vs HBGary: A classic geek tragedy

Last week, in a straight-out-of-Hollywood B-movie plot, we learned that an obscure cyber security company was trying to take out a whistleblowing site on behalf of a Fortune 50 corporation, thanks to a shadowy group of uber geeks whose identities are as yet unknown. (Quick, get me Matt Damon. He’s not available? Get me someone […]

Facebook, Google, and China

So far, 2010 has started off with a bang. Google decides to take on Apple in the ultra-smart phone market, while Apple appears on the verge of creating yet another new market for touchscreen tablet PCs. Google says "bite me" to China, after Chinese cyber-attackers target it and three dozen other tech firms. Yahoo chimes […]

When pranksters rule the InterWebs

When a multibillion-dollar telecom giant and the Internet’s most notorious pranksters square off, who will win? Cringe handicaps the battle between AT&T and 4chan.

Cyber Wars: Turn out the lights, the party’s over

Is the power grid under cyber attack? US spooks say yes. Better hunker down before Russia or China pull the plug.

Duuude, somebody just pwned your browser

Well that didn’t take long. Moments after Microsoft unleashed Internet Explorer 8 unto an unsuspecting planet it got hacked to bits. Actually, IE8 was hacked the day before it emerged from the beta chysalis. In this case, at least, it was in the controlled environment of CanSecWest’s annual Pwn2Own contest. The hacker was a 25-year-old […]

Geek Week: Palin’s email ails, Seinfeld campaign fails

Sarah Palin’s email gets hacked, Jerry Seinfeld gets smacked. It’s been a strange week here in Cringeville.

Is would-be VP Sarah Palin a hacker?

Does the GOP VP nominee possess hidden computer skills? Can she possibly bring the White House into the 21st century, technologically at least? Cringely has a few thoughts.

Geek Week: Comcast’s hit by vandals; an end to HP spying scandal

(This post originally appeared on Infoworld’s Notes From the Field Blog.) Throttle this. Bit Torrent blocking Comcast got an education in the ways of the Net this week when hackers gained access to the ISP’s domain name records and redirected Comcast.net traffic to a vandalized site. Teenage hackers with the handles "Defiant" and "EBK" pwned […]

Geek Week: XP’s not sacked, iPhone dev kit hacked

(This post originally appeared on Infoworld’s Notes From the Field blog.) by Robert X. Cringely Full speed behind. It seems the rumors of XP’s death have been greatly exaggerated. Microsoft has bowed to overwhelming demand and decided to give XP a reprieve, kinda sorta. Scheduled to get the gas chamber in July, XP will continue […]