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Bill Gates Arrested on Microsoft Campus

Company declines to press charges, claims it was ‘just a big misunderstanding’ By Dan Tynan Billionaire Bill Gates was briefly detained after attempting to break into offices at Microsoft’s worldwide headquarters late last night. The Microsoft co-founder retired from his position as Chairman last July, but maintains an office on the sprawling Redmond campus. According […]

Who’s been naughty and nice in 2008?

Why should Santa have all the fun? I’ve also been making a list and checking it twice to figure out who deserves treats in their stockings and who’s getting a big honkin’ lump of coal. Here in no particular order are my picks for the good/bad boys and girls of tech for 2008. Naughty: Apple […]

49 and a half reasons to give thanks

What do retired billionaires, supermodels, search engines, supervillains, energy drinks, whacked-out actors and fried breakfast pastries have in common? They’re some of the things I’m thankful for this year. If I’m conscious, I’m usually complaining about something. But because it’s almost Thanksgiving I’ve decided to list some of the things I’m grateful for, in and […]

Obama’s CTO: Just do what, exactly?

It’s a lousy job, but somebody’s got to do it. Once we find someone who’s crazy–err, patriotic enough to take the position as our nation’s first CTO, what should he or she do? It might possibly be the worst job in the world, outside of replacing Jerry Yang as Yahoo’s CEO. Yet people seem to […]

The Once and Future Geek King

Obama has yet to fill the position of the nation’s CTO, despite plenty of help from Cringesters. Here are a few more suggestions from the land of the geeks.

Who will be king of the Geeks?

Very soon the nation will have its first chief technology officer. Whom should Obama appoint? Cringely shares some ideas.

I’m a PC, she’s a Mac. Are you a sucker?

Microsoft has launched the next phase of its $300 million effort to convince us that Vista is not a dog — while quietly pushing its replacement, Windows 7. What’s wrong with this picture?

Geek Week: Palin’s email ails, Seinfeld campaign fails

Sarah Palin’s email gets hacked, Jerry Seinfeld gets smacked. It’s been a strange week here in Cringeville.

Is Jerry Seinfeld the master of Vista’s domain?

The first videos starring Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld have appeared on YouTube, and the results are surprisingly amusing. But will they help sell copies of Windows Vista? The Cringemeister has his doubts.

Windows XP: Dead, or just resting?

(This post originally appeared on Infoworld’s Notes From the Field blog.) It turns out the reports of XP’s death may be slightly exaggerated. Sure, the obits have been posted and the requiems are being sung. The fat lady has already packed up her girdle and gone home with a bucket of KFC. Yet it seems […]

Billy we hardly knew ye

(This post originally appeared on It feels strange writing this. Starting today, I won’t have Bill Gates to kick around anymore. (Or, given that he still plans to visit the Redmond campus once a week, I’ll only have 20 percent of him to kick around.) Of all the tech targets I’ve pummeled over the […]

Bill Gates’ 10 Most Memorable Moments

Microsoft’s cofounder says he’ll do charitable work after he retires this month. But we have some other suggestions: driving instructor, expert witness, and circus clown for starters. And Bill has experience in all of them. (A version of this post originally appeared on For more than 30 years he has roamed among us, a […]

Facebook: What’s originality got to do with it?

(A slightly different version of this post originally appeared on Pity the innovators — always hounded by the jealous hordes who clamor for a sliver of their success. And so it goes with Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg, though exactly who’s the innovator in this scenario is a matter of some debate. Zuckerberg is being […]

Geek Week: Vista rocks, Gates rolls

(This post originally appeared on Infoworld’s Notes from the Field blog.) by Robert X. Cringely Blunder Road. A Microsoft music video by “Bruce ServicePack and the Vista Street Band” has been causing a few chuckles and a lot of retching across the Net. In the video, a Born in the USA-era Springsteen impersonator sings: “Last […]