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Tag Archive 'censorship'

The Google-China plot thickens

It’s been just two days since I last wrote about the Google China soap (not soup) opera, and yet it feels like weeks, so much has happened in the interim. To wit: Earlier this week, Google’s US executive bio page suddenly displayed in Chinese. (A "bug, Google called it. Yeah, right.) On Wednesday, YouTube, Twitter, […]

Google Hits the Great Wall

So Google finally made good on its promise to uncensor its Chinese search engine and/or leave the Chinese market back in January. And China is now making good on its promise to make Google very sorry for ever bringing it up. Gotta say "the G" were pretty clever about it. Redirecting to seems […]

Information Imperialists unite! You have nothing to lose but your gmail.

Yes, "information imperialists." That’s what the People’s Republic of China is calling us now, thanks to Google and the US State Department. Hey, it’s as good a description as any. The blowback against Google’s announcement that it was hacked by Chinese cyber agents– and in response would be lifting the restrictions that keep users of […]

Facebook, Google, and China

So far, 2010 has started off with a bang. Google decides to take on Apple in the ultra-smart phone market, while Apple appears on the verge of creating yet another new market for touchscreen tablet PCs. Google says "bite me" to China, after Chinese cyber-attackers target it and three dozen other tech firms. Yahoo chimes […]

Skanks but no skanks: Google forced to out ‘anonymous’ blogger

Model Liskula Cohen has forced Google to hand over the name of an anonymous blogger who slandered her. Is this the end of free speech on the Net?

When pranksters rule the InterWebs

When a multibillion-dollar telecom giant and the Internet’s most notorious pranksters square off, who will win? Cringe handicaps the battle between AT&T and 4chan.

Wikipedia to Scientologists: Edit this, suckers

The world’s most popular encyclopedia just banned an entire church from editing it. But why stop there?

Not that there’s anything wrong with that

NPR is in hot water after censoring a movie review that named allegedly gay politicians. So why is it OK to call people alleged murderers, but not homosexuals?

Amazon: A is for arrogance

Amazon found itself crucified this Easter, and though it has since climbed down from the cross, it hasn’t quite managed to claw the nails out of its hands and feet. The story, in case you missed it: Sometime around Egg and Bunny day, Amazon mysteriously started removing the sales rankings of many gay and lesbian […]

Sex, censorship, and the Net

There’s a war going on between wanna-be Web cops and those who like their Net unregulated. Is Internet censorship inevitable?

Amazon behaving badly

The Net’s number one store has come under fire lately — for weird listings, rude service, and censorship, among other crimes. Is it time to shop for a new online retailer?

Dollars, sense and censorship

(This post originally appeared on Infoworld’s Notes From the Field blog.) The Bush Administration’s anti-recession tactics have given rise to an unexpected beneficiary: the Internet pørn industry. According to the Adult Internet Market Research Company, adult sites have been engorged with sales during the normally limp summer months. One popular clothing optional site surveyed its […]

Jurists gone wild

(This post originally appeared on Infoworld’s Notes From the Field blog.) A federal judge in Los Angeles has recused himself from a obscenity trial after a trove of dirty pictures were found squirreled away on his personal web site. Sounds scandalous, no? But the reality is both more complicated and more interesting. First, the case […]

Bottle me up, throttle me down

(This post originally appeared on Infoworld’s Notes From the Field blog.) The notion that we are swimming in broadband choices, floated last week by Cringester B. D. in rebuttal to my snarky jibes about the phonecablopoly ™, did not sit well with Cringesters who are sitting in the cheap seats at the great bandwidth banquet. […]

Do not attempt to adjust your Internet

(This post originally appeared in Infoworld’s Notes From the Field Blog.) It’s been a wild week here in Cringeville. My blog posts on YouTube v. Viacom and the FCC’s proposal for a pørn-free wireless Internet have inspired raging debates about copyrights and corporate rights, free speech and free sex. Here are some of the highlights. […]

A Porn Free Internet?

The FCC may soon require bidders on a swath of the wireless spectrum to deliver a free, wireless version access to the Net — sans adult content. Is a porn-free Internet possible or even desirable? Infoworld’s Robert Cringely has some thoughts on the matter here. Tell us how you feel about it by registering your […]