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Tag Archive 'arrington'

Google takes on Apple for world domination

If anything has become clear over the last six months it’s that people are chomping at the bit for a new kind of device, one that brings the Web to them wherever they are but without the compromises currently required by cell phones (too small), net books (require a table or desk) or Kindle/Nook style […]

Web tablet magic? That JooJoo that you do so well…

Just when you thought the CrunchPad was dead (or that Michael Arrington might actually shut up for five minutes) comes news of its revival, only this time it’s got a new name and a new daddy. In an effort to “tell their side of the story,” erstwhile CrunchPad manufacturers Fusion Garage held a press event […]

Vaporware R Us: gPhones, Apple Tablets, & the CrunchPad

Apple Tablets? Google Phones? CrunchPads? Don’t expect to find any of those under the tree come Christmas. But that won’t stop people from writing about them.

Facing the haters at Facebook

Should Facebook deny Holocaust deniers on its site? Where should the lines be drawn? It’s a question with no easy answer.

Conversation, My Ass

Michael Arrington’s sudden hiatus from TechCrunch belies a bigger problem on the ‘social’ web: it’s getting more and more anti-social. Even Cringe is feeling the effects.

Live Blogging From DEMO (maybe)

And it starts with something resembling Blue Man Group — bunch of folks in black in totally dark room waving red and green lightsticks around. Where’s the cigar chomping comic and the showgirls? 8:42 am OK, the Michael Arrington joke count has begun. Chris Shipley starts it off with an oblique reference to West Side […]

There’s No Business Like Show Business

(This post originally appeared on Infoworld’s Notes From the Field blog.) Big trade shows like CES (and in the paleolithic era, Comdex) may have all the glitz, glamour, and booth bimbos, but the real action happens in the smaller confabs where the elite meet and greet. That’s where the next Googles and Facebooks will emerge. […]

The end of Microhooglemania?

(This post originally appeared on Infoworld’s Notes From the Field blog.) It’s over, finito, kaput. The fat lady hasn’t merely stopped singing, she’s taken off her girdle and waddled home. There are now so many forks stuck into the Microsoft Yahoo deal that it looks like a cutlery display. This time its really really really […]