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Amazon makes amends for Kindle blunder… to a point

Amazon says it will restore deleted eBooks to Kindles or give owners $30 for their pain. But that’s only part of what it needs to do to regain customers’ trust.

Write and wrong: Amazon’s Orwellian nightmare

Netizens were none too pleased when Amazon ‘unsold’ copies of 1984. But it seems Amazon finally got the message.

Careful what you read, Big Bezos is watching

In a creepy demonstration of digital rights management, Amazon deleted two books from its customers’ Kindles. Cringely asks, what happened to our digital rights?

You Don’t Know Tech: Geeky News Quiz for April 10, 2009

Some relationships just aren’t meant to be — as IBM and Sun Micro found out when what looked like a rock-solid deal disintegrated overnight. But they weren’t the only ones enduring a bittersweet parting this week. Will Wright and Electronic Arts, Fox News and Roger Friedman, Google and the newspaper industry, iTunes fans and the […]

Six ways to save beaucoup bucks on electronics

Whether it’s Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or Stupid Bloody Tuesday, you can find great deals on gadgets and gear this season — if you know where to look. The economy may be going to hell in a shopping basket, but you wouldn’t know it from the crowds I saw at my local Big Box store […]

Amazon behaving badly

The Net’s number one store has come under fire lately — for weird listings, rude service, and censorship, among other crimes. Is it time to shop for a new online retailer?

DVDs are Dying – and Movies May Be Next

The future of entertainment can be found inside a game console Hi, my name is Dan and I have a problem with electronics. (“Hi, Dan.”) As a professional gadget wrangler, my home often looks like an electronics warehouse. These days my living room is filled with devices designed to deliver content from the Internet to […]

We’ll Tell You What to Like

Recommendation engines know what you want — even if you don’t (A version of this post originally appeared in the July 2008 issue of US Airways Magazine.) Some people remember their first kiss or the first time they drove a car. I remember the first time I recorded a show on TiVo. It was an […]