Fool Disclosure

Ok, first there’s the copyright thing. Some material on this site is technically owned by the very fine magazines and Web sites who paid me to write the things in the first place. Those you can’t have. Sorry, it’s not me, it’s them. Or more accurately, their attorneys.

(Between you and me, I’m sure they’d be fine if you wanted to copy some of the crackerjack content found on this blog and post it — or at least fair-use excerpts of it — on your site. Just be sure to a) not alter it, 2) cite the original source, and iii) put a link to where you found it, either this site or the original. And if you do steal it, please remember to steal my byline as well. You know who you are….)

Some material on this site is original — ie, first published here at Tynan on Technology (T.O.T.). Those entries are protected by a Creative Commons license. Feel free to redistribute following the simple rules above (ie, don’t alter it, give me a link and a citation, and remember my byline). Because I don’t want to be forced to go medieval on your a***.

Second, advertising. As I write this page, there are no ads on T.O.T. But I can foresee a day when there might be. Jahwah willing, they might even bring in enough money to compensate me for my pains in maintaining this blog. When they do, I will update this disclosure accordingly.

UPDATE (May 08): I just started adding affiliate ads from LinkShare to this site. It’s still just an experiment at this point. I’m only joining affiliate programs from companies I know to be legit (Lord knows there are enough of the other type of affiliates out there). I urge you to click and buy things as often as humanly possible.

Suffice it to say, ads or not, you can’t buy me. You can’t even rent me. (Though I am available for parties and bar mitzvahs.)  So if I like a product, it’s because I like the product, and not because I’m a) being bribed to like it by the folks who made it, or b) hoping to profit by driving buyers to sites where it is sold. This may not be much of a concern because, frankly, there’s very little stuff out there I really like.

Did I miss anything? If so, please email me (webmaster at dantynan dot com will work) and I’ll update as needed.



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