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Archive for the 'Web 2.0' Category

Would you trust a LinkedIn endorsement from someone wearing a banana on his head?

Stop me if this has happened to you. You open your inbox one morning and see a message from an old work colleague named Bob, sent via LinkedIn. It looks something like this: Eager to find out what wonderful things Bob has to say about you, you click the “See endorsements” link in the message, […]

Dear Klout: Close, but no cigars

You may not know this but I am a freakin’ expert on cigars. If it’s rolled up in dried tobacco leaves and smuggled in from Cuba in diplomatic pouches, I am your guy. This must be true, because I read it on my Klout profile. The world has gone a little Klout crazy, lately. There […]

Is Facebook on its death bed?

Ok, I admit: The question that serves as the headline for this post seems on the surface a bit absurd, if not downright crazy. Any day now Facebook is likely to announce its 1 billionth member, giving it a population more than three times that of the United States. And it has barely scratched the […]

A social network Anonymous would love

Don’t look now, but there’s a new social network coming. No, it’s not Google Circles, no matter what the Read Write Web blog says. And it’s coming from the people you’d least expect. 4chan. Yes, that’s right — the purveyors of the most insidious (and some of the most grotesque) memes on the InterWebs – […]

10 stupid social media predictions for 2011

As I write this there are but a few hours left of 2010, which I believe will be remembered as the year Facebook became the dominant force on the InterWebs, supplanting even mighty Google in its reach and depth. What will happen in 2011? Beats me. But that won’t stop me from offering up some […]

Is privacy making a comeback?

Privacy is all over the news these days, including social networks, where it seems the Feds like to play.

Google = Microsoft circa 1992?

If you work at Google, your ears are surely burning right now. Google’s introduction of its Buzz social media tool this week was possibly the most disastrous product debut in the company’s 12-year history. Almost immediately Google Buzz got smacked around hard by the blogosphere and veteran journos for making it easy to access information […]

Memo to Google: Buzz Off

I wake up each morning with the same mix of hope and dread. I hope Google will buy me for a princely sum and allow me to retire to some sandy beach where they serve mojitos 24/7. And I fear Google will simply invent a better version of me, forcing me to get a job […]

10 years later: What will the tech world look like in 2020?

It’s kind of hard to believe the first decade of the third millennium is almost over. Seems like only yesterday we were pulling out our hair worrying about Y2K; now we worry about whether enough total strangers are following the minutiae of our lives on Twitter and Facebook. The last ten years have been dominated […]

The Web 2009: Read, Copy, Repeat as Needed

Stop me if you’ve read this one before. Actually, stop me if you’ve read anything at all original on the Web over the last year. Odds are whatever you did read was copied or repeated from someone else, who took it from someone else, who took it… and so on and so on. Is it […]

Google’s Nexus Phone — better than Viagra?

Google Phone mania has hit the Webberlands. If the rumors are to be believed, Google is on the verge of introducing its own handset called the Nexus One. It will be be built by HTC, use Android 2.x, be available for use with any US-based GSM network (like T-Mobile or AT&T’s), and be sold directly […]

Can Google News be fixed?

Dan Lyons, perhaps better known to residents of Cringeville as the evil genius behind the Fake Steve Jobs blog, has a curious piece in the current issue of Newsweek talking about the rivalry between Google and Microsoft. It’s curious, because Lyons — who usually seems like a pretty sharp guy — doesn’t seem to understand […]

Axis of Evil: Microsoft Meets Murdoch

Is Microsoft planning a secret news cartel that will ace out Google? Are Steve Ballmer and Rupert Murdoch in cahoots? That’s the butt that’s been scuttling across the blogosphere this morning, as reports leak that Bing has offered to pay News Corp. actual cash dollars for exclusive rights to index its various properties (Wall Street […]

Vaporware R Us: gPhones, Apple Tablets, & the CrunchPad

Apple Tablets? Google Phones? CrunchPads? Don’t expect to find any of those under the tree come Christmas. But that won’t stop people from writing about them.

Google and the collapse of western civilization

I’ve come to the conclusion that the end of civilization as we know it is indeed upon us. And I blame Google. Though all search engines are at fault, Google in particular is contributing the most to the dumbing down of the Web, which in turn leads to the dumbing down of everything else. Eventually […]

Hey Facebook users, scammers have a crush on you

I’ve written a bit lately about how cyber thieves using social media to scam people. It turns out the most egregious scammers are many so-called “legitimate” companies that run deceptive ads on these networks. TechCrunch has a fascinating series on how advertisers are using social games to trick Facebook and MySpace users into forking over […]

The robots are taking over the blogosphere

Online content factory Demand Media has a new way to generate blogs and videos, using software and a network of human drones. Welcome to your Web nightmare.

Balloon Boy falls to earth, takes the rest of us with him

Last week’s drama about 6-year-old Falcon Heene’s bogus balloon flight consumed the Net. When we narrow in on dramatic stories like this, we miss the bigger picture.

ZDnet vs Yahoo: When ‘process journalism’ tastes like processed cheese

Richard Koman at ZDnet published a blog post late last night that amply demonstrates nearly everything that’s right and wrong about Web journalism. Using information he received from an Iranian blogger, Koman accused Yahoo of handing over the account information for 200,000 Iranian bloggers to the country’s authorities– an act not unlike handing a list […]

A skank discussion: Privacy, anonymity, and misogyny

Have a supermodel and an angry blogger just killed anonymity dead the Internet? Is Google to blame? And does Cringely hate women? Readers share their thoughts.