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Archive for the 'Cringley' Category

It’s your potty and they’ll spy if they want to

It’s no secret that virtually anything that runs on code can and will eventually be hacked. There’s no dearth of examples. Our desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets are really just the playthings of any attacker with sufficient skills and time. But now it’s getting personal. Hackers are hitting us where it really hurts. Yes, I’m […]

Who can you trust with your data? Twitter, yes. Apple, AT&T and Verizon, not so much.

You may not be aware of this, but: We are officially in the middle of Privacy Awareness Week, according to the FTC. To mark it, the Electronic Frontier Foundation published its annual “Who Has Your Back?” report, which details how major Internet companies share data with the government. Seeking a company that will stand up […]

Faster copycat – shill, shill!

One of the unwritten rules in Hollywood is that if something is remotely successful, a sequel is virtually inevitable. It turns out the same is also true in the blogosphere. Last November, I wrote about a reader of mine named Stephen G. who discovered Apple’s iCloud was censoring the emails of his clients without telling […]

Pussies use smartphones. Real men wear goggles.

Sergey Brin said it, so it must be true. Smartphones are emasculating. Speaking at a TED conference earlier this week to show off the latest version of Google Glass, the Google cofounder opined thusly: "You’re actually socially isolating yourself with your phone," Brin told the audience. "I feel like it’s kind of emasculating…. You’re standing […]

RIP Aaron Swartz (1986–2013)

Large swaths of the Internet are in mourning for Aaron Swartz, the 26-year-old hacktavist who took his own life last week. I didn’t know Aaron and didn’t know much about him besides the thumbnail sketch that has now been repeated thousands of times across the Web. But it’s a heck of a thumbnail. At age […]

What will absolutely, positively happen in 2013

Well, looks like we made it through the Mayan apocalypse after all. That means we’re faced with another year – and more predictions about what that year may hold in store. As faithful readers may recall, last year I successfully predicted the Facebook IPO (and subsequent face plant), that Windows Phone would become the third […]

Murder 2014: Colonel Mustard, in the chat room, with the Internet

In a couple of years the Internet might just kill you. At least, that’s one of the 2014 predictions from one security company. This is the time of year when everyone and their dog posts their predictions for what will happen in the wacky world of tech in 2013. The reason? Nobody wants to work […]

Dear Silicon Valley: We are not for sale

Bill Davidow has a great essay over at Atlantic Wire, the electronic version of the 155-year-old magazine, that should be required reading for every would-be entrepreneur and venture capitalist on the planet. Really, for anyone in the tech game. Davidow has quite the resume. He started with GE, moved to Hewlett Packard in 1965, and […]

My love/hate relationship with Facebook

I love Facebook. I also hate it. And sometimes I’m indifferent, but not often. As the big IPO day looms closer, lots of folks are taking a second look at this thing that started out as kind of a goofy diversion for college kids and has grown into the beast with 900 million heads. For […]

Oh noooooo! AT&T snaps up T-Mobile.

Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in. I’m not talking about Michael Corleone and the Mafia. It’s worse than the Mafia. I’m talking about AT&T. Literally just yesterday I had the following conversation: She: We’re running out of minutes. T-Mobile has a pretty good deal going now but that means […]

A social network Anonymous would love

Don’t look now, but there’s a new social network coming. No, it’s not Google Circles, no matter what the Read Write Web blog says. And it’s coming from the people you’d least expect. 4chan. Yes, that’s right — the purveyors of the most insidious (and some of the most grotesque) memes on the InterWebs – […]

Anonymous vs HBGary: A classic geek tragedy

Last week, in a straight-out-of-Hollywood B-movie plot, we learned that an obscure cyber security company was trying to take out a whistleblowing site on behalf of a Fortune 50 corporation, thanks to a shadowy group of uber geeks whose identities are as yet unknown. (Quick, get me Matt Damon. He’s not available? Get me someone […]

Google’s not-so-little SEO problem

Over the weekend the New York Times published a long piece by David Segal describing in painful detail exactly how Google’s search results have been totally pwned by JC Penney. Over the holiday shopping season, the retailer where my mother used to drag me to buy my Easter suits received an extraordinary bounty of Google […]

2011: The year of the hacker

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. This will be the year of the hacker – or rather, the year hacking goes mainstream. It’s been brewing for quite some time. According to McAfee, a team of Chinese hackers has been infiltrating computer networks for the world’s largest oil and gas companies. Last week […]

AOL, HuffPo, and the crappification of everything

AOL’s purchase of Arianna’s International House of Huffcakes earlier this week is sticking in my gullet, and no amount of ratswill coffee will wash it down.  I think it’s because this deal is emblematic of everything that has gone wrong with the Internet over the last three years. (Then again, maybe I’ve just turned into […]

50 billion reasons why Facebook isn’t worth $50 billion

It seems Facebook, the social network personally endorsed by God, is now worth more than eBay, Yahoo, and Time Warner — all without selling a single share to Joe or Jane Public. The reason: Wall Street uber-bank Goldman Sachs, which just pumped another $450 million in venture capital into Facebook, leading to a valuation estimated […]

Twelve tech predictions for 2011

As 2010 draws to a close, that can only mean one thing: Bloggers conjuring up predictions lists so they can take a few days off around the holidays. Here in Cringeville things are much the same, but with one key difference: unlike other prognosticators, I’m totally unencumbered by facts. That tends to make my accuracy […]

The 10 dumbest tech moves of 2010

It’s been quite a year. And in what has become a tradition here in Cringeville, it’s time to honor the most malicious, obnoxious, offensive, or nonsensical behavior in technology. This year’s winners include captains of industry, titans of technology, sultans of sweat, and a number of other people desperately in need of a clue. Among […]

Freaks & Geeks: The Social Network

You may have been too busy having a life this weekend to notice but, the number one movie in the nation right now is the tale of an uber-nerd. The Social Network, David Fincher’s much-hyped film about the origins of Facebook, hit theaters this weekend to rave reviews (though if you spend most of your […]

Are the Feds snooping on your Skype calls?

Tap, tap, tap. I’m sorry, could you please speak up? the Federal employees playing monkey in the middle on our Skype call couldn’t quite make out what you were saying. In case you missed the headlines in the New York Times this morning, or all the me-too stories in the blogosphere cranked to varying degrees […]