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Online branding and media planning

Editor’s Note: This is a sponsored post from MediaDiscovery. In other words, I didn’t write this.

The right image for a company is a necessity when competing in a vibrant business environment and getting your profile seen on both, the online and offline markets on a global level will generate the desired traffic your brand deserves. With display advertising becoming an integral part of a brand’s make-up with its rapid evolution over a short space of time, it’s the only way in which a consumer can be heard above a saturated market.

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Targeting online portals specific to the brand by cross-platform campaigns has become somewhat an art form in a myriad of social networks with sites such as Bebo, Facebook and Twitter prevalent on the Internet. Only with a team of dedicated specialists would you be able to drive a brand’s profile forward efficiently by forming partnerships with smaller likeminded sites, this is often referred to as “targeting the long tail web”.

The best brand marketing experts will concentrate on getting the drive of traffic towards the website as opposed to quick visual offline adverts that may not turn viewing into visitors. Looking at the long-term plan is something that needs to be addressed for optimum results rebutting flash-in-the-pan PR exercises. That’s why diverting and carefully targeted audiences towards your website or product will save marketing spend thus reducing the archetypal campaign pitfalls. The filtering of the demographics look at the longevity of the campaign, it gives the client a sense that the campaign is not only important but a work in progress.

Among the leading online marketing and media planners globally, Media Discovery has a team of over 200 dedicated experts in all disciplines of online branding, PR and much more. With a global workforce dedicated to providing a 24-hour service to their clients they make sure that your budget isn’t wasted on misguided campaigns. “Online branding campaigns deliver a 25% to 35% higher return-on-investment than using standard direct marketing metrics” states Jupiter Media Metrix. So, for Media Discovery to reach the level they are at now, they’ve utilized their specialist operatives to their full potential in order to get the very best results at the forefront of the market place. They prudently select potential ad spaces that meet the guidelines and demographics of the client’s campaigns and attract the power-buyers to them. Resulting in a diverse platform to promote a client’s product and broadcast it across a multitude of disciplines and channels.

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