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RIP Aaron Swartz (1986–2013)

Large swaths of the Internet are in mourning for Aaron Swartz, the 26-year-old hacktavist who took his own life last week. I didn’t know Aaron and didn’t know much about him besides the thumbnail sketch that has now been repeated thousands of times across the Web. But it’s a heck of a thumbnail. At age […]

Online branding and media planning

Editor’s Note: This is a sponsored post from MediaDiscovery. In other words, I didn’t write this. The right image for a company is a necessity when competing in a vibrant business environment and getting your profile seen on both, the online and offline markets on a global level will generate the desired traffic your brand […]

Would you trust a LinkedIn endorsement from someone wearing a banana on his head?

Stop me if this has happened to you. You open your inbox one morning and see a message from an old work colleague named Bob, sent via LinkedIn. It looks something like this: Eager to find out what wonderful things Bob has to say about you, you click the “See endorsements” link in the message, […]

What will absolutely, positively happen in 2013

Well, looks like we made it through the Mayan apocalypse after all. That means we’re faced with another year – and more predictions about what that year may hold in store. As faithful readers may recall, last year I successfully predicted the Facebook IPO (and subsequent face plant), that Windows Phone would become the third […]