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Archive for September, 2010

Are the Feds snooping on your Skype calls?

Tap, tap, tap. I’m sorry, could you please speak up? the Federal employees playing monkey in the middle on our Skype call couldn’t quite make out what you were saying. In case you missed the headlines in the New York Times this morning, or all the me-too stories in the blogosphere cranked to varying degrees […]

Facebook phone rumors are real. The Facebook Phone? Not so much.

God I love the InterWebs. Years from now, scholars dissecting the complete disintegration of journalism in the 21st centure will look back at us and say, what the frak? The example du jour: The Facebook Phone rumors, which were sparked this past weekend by TechCrunch and continue to burn. If you believe what you read […]

Facebook socialists are bringing down the InterWebs

The problem with the Internet these days? In a word: socialism. No not that faux Obama socialism certain people like to rail against (because they’ve got to be PO’d about something). I’m talking about the real scourge of the net: social media. Now, I use social media and I (mostly) like social media. I use […]

Craigslist to state AGs: Censor this, assholes

Probably the last thing Craig Newmark ever imagined is that the little email list he started back in 1995 would one day be at the center of a controversy over prostitution, the First Amendment, and the future of the InterWebs. But now, 15 years later, Craigslist is in the thick of of a dispute over […]

Tynan’s Ten Rules for Highly Inebriated Writers

Inspired by “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Writers” found on Ragan.com. Note: These rules apply to people who use writing to pay the rent, not those who are grinding out that coming-of-age novel in their spare time and like to procrastinate by talking about “the creative process.” You know who you are. Highly inebriated […]

Google’s data pervert wants your children

Imagine wandering through Times Square and seeing a 60-foot-tall animation depicting you (yes, you) as a creepy child-baiting ice cream truck driver. How would you feel? That’s probably how Google’s Eric Schmidt feels today. A group calling itself Consumer Watchdog, which has decided that Google is Evil Incorporated, has taken the unusual step of buying […]