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Archive for August, 2010

Paul Allen, patent troll?

As co-founder of Microsoft, early supporter of commercial space flight, and major world philanthropist, Paul Allen has already left a pretty large footprint on the world. Now it seems he’s determined to leave his muddy tracks over some of the biggest names in tech. Allen’s company, Interval Licensing Corp, is suing a Who’s Who of […]

Beware of Flash (eating) Zombies

Don’t look now, but the Flash Zombies are after you. This week privacy attorney Joseph Malley filed his third lawsuit against major media sites and their ad firms, accusing them of using Flash cookies to illegally collect information about visitors to their Web sites. Malley’s defendants aren’t exactly Joe Blow — they’re deep-pocketed media companies […]

CEOs Gone Wild — The HP Way

It’s usually other industries that get all the sex scandals. Politics, sports, entertainment — hardly a week goes by without someone getting their dangle in a mangle. But high tech? Not so much. Finally, our long painful drought is over. By now, you’ve probably heard about Mark Hurd and HP. No matter what you think […]

Is your iPhone spying on you?

And you thought those iPhone 4 signal problems were bad. At last week’s Blackhat conference, a San Francisco firm called Lookout Mobile Security revealed that third-party smart phone apps are stealing user information and (literally) phoning home with it. And by ‘home,’ I mean China. But unlike those bogus Droid X signal problems, this problem […]