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Archive for June, 2010

Google’s BP moment: The WiFi spying incident

While it doesn’t quite rank up there with dumping 100’s of millions of gallons of crude oil into the ocean while your CEO goes yachting, Google’s huge WiFi spying "oops" may become the search giant’s BP moment. To recap: Last month, Google admitted that its Street View vans — the camera-festooned vehicles that roam highways […]

WikiLeaks: The Spy Who Leaked Me

It’s like a Hollywood thriller. A military spy is arrested, betrayed by someone he thought to be a comrade in arms — a brilliant yet mentally unstable hacker. A journalist is on the run, hunted by the authorities who want to know what he knows. All we need is to add a love interest and […]

AT&T’s iPad iSpill: Get over it.

Getting a chance to bash AT&T twice in two weeks is like getting to hit a pinata filled with $100 bills. Hand me the stick and stand back, boys. Last week I wrote about AT&T’s parsimonious data plan (all-you-can-eat is dead, Jim) and its chowder-headed attempt to silence an angry customer who sent CEO Randall […]

This is my brain on tech

  Today of course is the first day of the Apple World Wide Developers Conference — another Steve Jobs love fest during which he gets trots out the latest life-altering technology for his fanboys to drool over. But before I get into that, I want to talk about yesterday’s New York Times Web site, which […]

Good Bye Microsoft, Hello GoogApple

I recently had an experience that epitomizes everything that’s wrong with Microsoft, and why it is rapidly being tossed into the Recycling Bin of history. I have a Vista laptop and, as I’ve recently learned, I am powerless over it. (Just saying that makes me feel like I should belong to a 12-step group. But […]