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Archive for January, 2010

Spam? No thank you m’am

I don’t know about you, but beautiful Russian girls are just dying to meet me. They’re all 26 yo, most of them are named Olga, and from their descriptions they sound totally hot. But first I have to buy a fantastic luxury timepiece, change my Facebook log in, get a bucketful of knock-off prescriptions, and […]

iPad, schmypad. I’m just happy it’s over.

The circus is finally over. The carnies are pulling down the tents, the clowns have packed up their seltzer bottles, and we are basking in the soft sweet afterglow of greatness. So much for Obama’s State of the Union address. Now about that Apple event earlier today. By now you’ve probably seen or read dozens […]

Apple tablet madness: Will it ever end?

Forget Obamacare or the new Republican senator from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Pay no attention to the New Orleans Saints or the Jay Leno/Conan O’Brien soap opera. You can even safely ignore the Chinese and their cyber-shenanigans. There’s only one thing happening in the world this week, and it’s taking place in about 48 hours […]

Information Imperialists unite! You have nothing to lose but your gmail.

Yes, "information imperialists." That’s what the People’s Republic of China is calling us now, thanks to Google and the US State Department. Hey, it’s as good a description as any. The blowback against Google’s announcement that it was hacked by Chinese cyber agents– and in response would be lifting the restrictions that keep users of […]

Facebook, Google, and China

So far, 2010 has started off with a bang. Google decides to take on Apple in the ultra-smart phone market, while Apple appears on the verge of creating yet another new market for touchscreen tablet PCs. Google says "bite me" to China, after Chinese cyber-attackers target it and three dozen other tech firms. Yahoo chimes […]

Is there a sexbot in your future?

I can’t remember who first said it, but it seems truer every day: The future just ain’t what it used to be. Here we are in 2010, and I’m still waiting for my personal jetpack, let alone a transporter. Flying cars? Fahgeddaboutit. Phasers? Not even close. I want Rosie the Jetson’s robotic maid; instead I […]

CES 2010: The hype has only just begun

The 2010 Vegas Gadgetfest is winding down today, and I’m sure all the cabbies, blackjack dealers, and strippers are breathing a sigh of relief. (CES attendees — and geeks in general — don’t do much gambling and are notoriously lousy tippers, or so I’ve been told.) As always, CES is one enormous hype factory. Its […]

Google’s Nexus: One phone isn’t gonna change anything

So earlier this week Google did indeed unveil the Nexus One “superphone,” and yet life is strangely similar to how it was on Monday. I did not attend yesterday’s highly anticipated press event, but based on the live blog coverage (as well as the live blog coverage of the live blog coverage) it appears to […]

Google takes on Apple for world domination

If anything has become clear over the last six months it’s that people are chomping at the bit for a new kind of device, one that brings the Web to them wherever they are but without the compromises currently required by cell phones (too small), net books (require a table or desk) or Kindle/Nook style […]