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Archive for November, 2009

Axis of Evil: Microsoft Meets Murdoch

Is Microsoft planning a secret news cartel that will ace out Google? Are Steve Ballmer and Rupert Murdoch in cahoots? That’s the butt that’s been scuttling across the blogosphere this morning, as reports leak that Bing has offered to pay News Corp. actual cash dollars for exclusive rights to index its various properties (Wall Street […]

Vaporware R Us: gPhones, Apple Tablets, & the CrunchPad

Apple Tablets? Google Phones? CrunchPads? Don’t expect to find any of those under the tree come Christmas. But that won’t stop people from writing about them.

Google and the collapse of western civilization

I’ve come to the conclusion that the end of civilization as we know it is indeed upon us. And I blame Google. Though all search engines are at fault, Google in particular is contributing the most to the dumbing down of the Web, which in turn leads to the dumbing down of everything else. Eventually […]

Will Apple force you to watch ads?

And now, a word from our sponsor. Yes, this is true: Last year Apple Inc. filed for a patent on technology that would force you to watch advertisements, no matter how hard you tried to avoid it. First made public back in October, the notion is getting more attention thanks to an essay in Saturday’s […]

Hey AT&T: The map is the least of your problems

The Verizon and AT&T dustup is turning out to be far more entertaining than any tired old Microsoft vs. Apple campaign. After a series of scorching “there’s a map for that” TV ads by Verizon mocking its competitor’s spotty 3G coverage, AT&T ran to a federal judge crying “Daddy daddy daddy, that mean old man […]

More juvenile self serving rants about Fox News, Windows 7, & Winnie the Pooh

The residents of Cringeville weigh in on Rupert Murdoch’s battle with Google, Windows 7, and cartoons

Rupert Murdoch vs the Googleplex

Rupert Murdoch says he may make his sites invisible to Google and other news aggregators. Good luck with that, Sir Rupe.

Google Dashboard: No so transparent after all

What does Google know about you and when did they know it? Those are the questions Google claims it’s trying to answer with the new Google Dashboard unveiled yesterday. Simply put, the Dashboard gathers up almost every Google service you’ve signed up for and displays the most basic settings for each on a single page. […]

It’s Apple’s world, and welcome to it

Well it finally happened. Digital versions of The Beatles’ catalog are finally coming to Apple. It’s just not the Apple you’re thinking of. On December 8, you may be able to buy all of the recently released digitally remastered Beatles songs — along with 13 mini video documentaries — on an apple-green 16GB USB stick […]

Hey Facebook users, scammers have a crush on you

I’ve written a bit lately about how cyber thieves using social media to scam people. It turns out the most egregious scammers are many so-called “legitimate” companies that run deceptive ads on these networks. TechCrunch has a fascinating series on how advertisers are using social games to trick Facebook and MySpace users into forking over […]