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Windows 7: The readers speak

Reactions to last week’s screed about Windows 7 (“Will Windows 7 change our minds about Microsoft?”) came in fast and furious, with readers weighing in on every side of the issue. Let’s start with some hate mail from G.G., whom one can only presume is a bit of a Microsoft fanboy: Nice hatchet job on […]

Happy 8th birthday, iPod. You changed our lives. Now go away.

Amidst all the hubbub last week surrounding Windows 7 — not to mention Burger King’s 7-layer Windows Whopper — I totally missed one of the key anniversaries in tech history. As MacWorld’s Scott McNulty notes, the iPod quietly turned 8 last Friday. My first reaction: Only 8? Hasn’t it been with us forever? But no. […]

Windows 7: Here are the real Whoppers

As operating system launches go, Windows 7 has been a pretty sweet one for Microsoft. The reviews are mostly thumbs up. And aside from some unintentionally hilarious videos promoting Windows 7 launch parties, they’ve mostly done things right. Today, the Microsoft site is featuring a running series of tweets praising the new OS (though they’re […]

The robots are taking over the blogosphere

Online content factory Demand Media has a new way to generate blogs and videos, using software and a network of human drones. Welcome to your Web nightmare.

Balloon Boy falls to earth, takes the rest of us with him

Last week’s drama about 6-year-old Falcon Heene’s bogus balloon flight consumed the Net. When we narrow in on dramatic stories like this, we miss the bigger picture.

Using technology can put your life — not just your data — at risk

Microsoft may have recovered most of Sidekick users’ missing data, but the bigger point remains: We’re deeply dependent on tech. When it screws up, lives can be lost.

The Year of Data Living Dangerously

For a while there it looked like 2009 would be remembered as the Year of the Dead Celebrity. But Michael, Farrah, Walter, Ed and all the rest may have to move over. This is rapidly becoming the Year the Data Died. Exhibit A, of course, is the T-Mobile Sidekick Debacle, with Microsoft subsidiary Danger in […]

ZDnet vs Yahoo: When ‘process journalism’ tastes like processed cheese

Richard Koman at ZDnet published a blog post late last night that amply demonstrates nearly everything that’s right and wrong about Web journalism. Using information he received from an Iranian blogger, Koman accused Yahoo of handing over the account information for 200,000 Iranian bloggers to the country’s authorities– an act not unlike handing a list […]

This blog has been brought to you by the FTC

Bad news, freebie bloggers. The FTC is coming down on you like a tray of dishes. And not just bloggers, but anyone who uses social media. If you receive money or something for free and you blog, Tweet, write up a positive review on Amazon, or share something nice about it with your 4,987 closest […]

Is that a Tablet PC, or are you just glad to see me?

You can’t stumble around the Internet these days without bumping into it. News, rumor, speculation, and hot gossip about — no, not David Letterman’s love life (who knew he had one?) or the Jon and Kate Gosselin train wreck — but Tablet PCs. Yes, over the last year the PC’s buck-toothed, developmentally challenged second cousin […]

That Facebook friend is really a fake

More headlines today about the seething dark underbelly of the Web creeping up to slime you and your friends. According to security company AVG, somebody pwned Facebook’s CAPTCHA anti-bot mechanism yesterday, either by cracking the code or (more likely) hiring a team of human drones for a few pennies apiece to decode the squiggly letters. […]