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Don’t be a sucker for scareware

A couple weeks back the digital version of the New York Times found itself hip deep in manure when it got tricked into serving up “scareware” ads to unsuspecting readers. You know the scam. You’re merrily surfing the Web when suddenly a window pops up: “Your computer is infected with malware, but if you send […]

Where oh where is that 8-hour laptop?

I’ve been bitching and moaning about battery life for as long as there have been luggables, and I feel like I’ve lugged most of them, starting with a 28-pound Compaq 286 Portable (aka the “sewing machine”) back when I was still a pup, relatively speaking. In July I wrote about a class action suit filed […]

Amazon makes amends for Kindle blunder… to a point

Amazon says it will restore deleted eBooks to Kindles or give owners $30 for their pain. But that’s only part of what it needs to do to regain customers’ trust.