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Archive for August, 2009

School for slander: Why anonymity is important

Google is at the heart of yet another Internet anonymity battle, this one between muckraking journalists and a Caribbean land developer. Will the search giant roll over and crush the little guys?

A skank discussion: Privacy, anonymity, and misogyny

Have a supermodel and an angry blogger just killed anonymity dead the Internet? Is Google to blame? And does Cringely hate women? Readers share their thoughts.

Apple: Poachers will be punished

Did Apple try to strong-arm Palm into a ‘don’t touch ours, we won’t touch yours’ hiring arrangement? If so, it may have run afoul of antitrust laws.

Skanks but no skanks: Google forced to out ‘anonymous’ blogger

Model Liskula Cohen has forced Google to hand over the name of an anonymous blogger who slandered her. Is this the end of free speech on the Net?

Is social media dying?

To hear some people tell it, social sites like Facebook and Twitter are on the wane. Cringely thinks they’re only just getting started.

Does Obama want to eat your privacy?

Changes to Federal Web sites may threaten your privacy — or bring our current cyber government into the 21st century.

Legal beagles take a bite out of Real Networks & Microsoft

Recent rulings against Real Networks and Microsoft reinforce a painful truth: The law can no longer keep up with technology.

Apple vs Google: This time it’s personal

After years of peaceful co-existence, the two Silicon Valley titans are suddenly at each other’s throats. But how much of this is real, and how is just for show?

Twitter attack: From Russia with hate

The DDOS attack on Twitter shows not only how vulnerable the microblog is, but also how dependent we’ve become on it. That’s a dangerous combination.

Obama taps and other clap trap, redux

Flames are raging here in Cringeville after my post about Glenn Beck and the Obama ‘conspiracy’ to take over your computer. Here’s some more fuel for the fire.

Does Obama want to tap your computer?

Rumors that Uncle Sam wants to use our own computers to spy on us are raging across the blogosphere. Fortunately, they’re not true, no matter what Glenn Beck says.