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Crazy Cringely Gets Windows Discount Fever

Microsoft trims Windows 7 prices in the hopes of convincing people to pony up. Cringely finds himself caught up in discount fever.

Sour Apple: Steve Jobs and snow jobs

Has the high-tech icon really returned to health and his old job? Apple would like you to think so. Cringely’s not so sure.

Don’t stop believing in the RIAA’s capacity for evil

Another file swapping law suit, another outrageous verdict. Something’s deeply wrong with the laws controlling copyrights.

IE8: Lose it, don’t use it

By bribes or brute force, Microsoft is attempting to foist its latest browser upon the world. Better watch out, it could happen to you too.

Do I like Hunch? Not a bunch.

Web-based decision-making tools like Bing and Hunch are suddenly all the rage. Whatever happened to making up our own minds?

Google vs Bing: The fear stops here

Bing’s debut has been more successful than most anyone expected, but it’s a long way from causing Google to tremble in its boots — despite what some tabloid newspapers might claim.

Microsoft goes to Europe, drops its browsers

The Redmond reprobates are up to their old anti-antitrust tricks, shipping Windows 7 in Europe minus Internet Explorer. At least you’ve got to admire their chutzpah.

Facebook: Get your Vanity Plates here

News that Facebook will be passing out ‘vanity URLs’ this weekend has the blogosphere’s collective boxers in a bunch. Does having your ‘real’ name on your Facebook or Twitter page really matter to anyone with an actual life?

Wikipedia to Scientologists: Edit this, suckers

The world’s most popular encyclopedia just banned an entire church from editing it. But why stop there?