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Will the blogosphere kill newspapers?

No matter how much they may pooh-pooh the mainstream media, the death of the daily newspaper is bad news for bloggers – and everyone else. The news this week that the Hearst Corp. may shut down the San Francisco Chronicle if it can’t find a buyer was bittersweet at best. For 20 years I lived […]

Twit’s all, folks

When the elite tweet, you know something big has changed. Twitter has become this year’s Web 2.0 darling. Cringely wonders how long the infatuation will last.

Facebook, MySpace, and social (media) diseases

Social media is on the rise, and so are the privacy and security risks. Is it time to dial back on the whole Web 2.0 ‘friend’ thing?

Wikileaks springs a leak

The famous whistle-blower site just blew its own whistle, leaking the email addresses of dozens of its financial supporters. Is this the beginning of the end of Wikileaks?

How green is your cell phone?

Samsung, LG, Motorola and others have come out with new eco-friendly handsets. But it’s going to take more than a few carbon-stingy phones to make a real difference. Some of the biggest news coming out of this week’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is that cell phones are finally going green. Samsung, LG, and Motorola […]

Vista Capable suit no longer has class

Microsoft notches a big win in its the Windows Vista labeling lawyerfest. But Cringely wonders what that judge was really thinking.

Dead man blogging

Still planning to make millions as a blogger? Don’t quit your day job just yet. The era of blogging for bucks may already be over.

Is Google taking too much "Latitude"?

In what seems to be a weekly occurrence, Google has announced yet another new product seemingly designed to suck what little privacy you have left out of your life. It’s called Latitude, and it uses your phone’s GPS chip and/or cell tower triangulation to locate you and your friends on a map. Sounds rather Big […]

Did a US congressman leak classified intel on Twitter?

Michigan Republican Peter Hoeskstra’s taking heat for revealing his ‘secret’ trip to Iraq on Twitter. Yet more proof that Web 2.0 tools are changing Washington — for good and ill.

Bloggers beware: Bad ads can come back to bite you

Last week I wrote about Linkstar, a UK-based company that offers to place text ads for its clients on small, low-traffic Web sites. (See“The curious case of Linkstar Media.”) Though Linkstar is extremely close-lipped about who it is and what it does, I couldn’t see anything wrong with the ads they were placing (unless you […]

Should foreign workers be the first to get canned?

Bad economic news has some people urging tech firms to layoff H1B workers in favor of US citizens. Is this the right thing to do? Cringe isn’t so sure.

Brave New TV

The boob tube is about to get a whole lot smarter It’s the biggest change to television since Gilligan woke up one morning in 1965 and discovered that all the coconuts were suddenly in color. Later this year U.S. television will leave its analog past behind and enter its all-digital future. [Note: Just this week, […]

The six faces of Windows 7

It’s finally official: Windows 7, the successor to Vista (we wish we missed ya), will be available in six delicious new flavors. Is anybody else out there getting deja vu?

The curious case of Linkstar Media

Some day I plan to run my own vast Web 2.0 empire, and the media world will tremble at the mere mention of my name. For now, though, I operate a humble blog that, well, let’s just say it isn’t exactly burning up the ComScore charts as one of the 100 hottest Web properties. I […]

Google slashes the Internet

For a brief period last weekend Google almost stopped the Web cold — all due to a simple typo. Is the search giant too powerful for our own good?