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Conversation, My Ass

Michael Arrington’s sudden hiatus from TechCrunch belies a bigger problem on the ‘social’ web: it’s getting more and more anti-social. Even Cringe is feeling the effects.

Social media search: A stalker’s paradise?

Don’t look now, but you’re being watched. And now that I’ve signed up for, I could be the one watching you. Spokeo is a search engine that uses email addresses to find people across the social Web. Give the site your log-on info for Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, or AOL – or just upload […]

Don’t bite that Apple, it’s full of worms

Mac malware is spreading across the Net via pirated software. But the nasties attacking Windows are even worse. It’s getting ugly out there.

Microsoft’s $8.5 billion problem

Bad financials, massive layoffs, and now Microsoft may have to pony up billions to settle a suit with disgruntled Vista users. How will the tottering giant respond?

Google’s iPhone interface is gone baby gone

Google abruptly pulled the plug on its custom mobile interface, leaving both iPhone and Android fans in the lurch. Is this a sign of things to come from Google Inc.?

Stupid Twitter tricks and great Twitter feats

I’ve written a lot about Twitter lately, including how it’s going to change all of our lives in ways we’ve only started to realize. That doesn’t mean I’m a Twitter fanboy. There’s still too much navel gazing and self obessiveness, and it can get downright gross at times. The world doesn’t care about what you […]

Going Steve-less

It’s official: Steve Jobs is taking a six-month leave from Apple to fight some serious health problems. Cringely speculates on what life without Steve would be like.

Brooklyn camera stores: The scam stops here

Did you flunk out of 8th grade? Do you have barely contained aggressive tendencies and no scruples? Then, my friend, you may have a career in the Brooklyn camera store industry. But hopefully not for long. The chickens are finally coming home to roost for one of the most notorious bait-and-switch scams on the Net. […]

Dell: Dirty deeds dunned dirt cheap

Dell has agreed to pay consumers back for shady financing, rebate, and warranty service. But it amounts to little more than chump change.

If you use Stickk will you get Stuckk?

It’s that time of year again when I look down and think: "My God, I can’t believe how much weight I gained over the holidays. I’m so stuffed I should have a meat thermometer sticking out of my ribs." But this year, in addition to renewing our gym membership and feeding the last of the […]

Windows 7: Get it before something else goes wrong

Last week’s public beta launch of Windows 7 was yet another embarrassment for Microsoft. But Cringely isn’t surprised.

Facebook: When you care enough to show the very breast

Facebook’s ban on nursing pix is blowing up in its face — more proof that Net censorship invariably leads to trouble. Cringe has more.

CES preview: The wireless revolution is finally here

And so the madness begins. I’m not going to CES (I may have mentioned that before), but I’ve gotten several pre-show briefings on interesting stuff. And though I’m sworn to secrecy on many of these products until they’re announced, two themes are clearly emerging: gadgets are going wireless in a big way, and everything is […]

My NPR Interview on Twitter Scams

My interview with Jon Gordon of Future Tense ran on American Public Radio today. (I know this because a good friend of mine sent me an email telling me I am famous.) It’s about the Twitter phishing scams and the Twitter hacks, which I wrote about on my Culture Crash blog. I even sound like […]

Apple kills DRM dead — and it’s about time

Digital rights management is finally pushing up daisies — at least for music. But did Steve Jobs pay too high a price? Cringe has the skinny.

Is the RIAA admitting defeat?

The recording industry has fired some of its online spies — but that doesn’t mean they’re about to get all warm and cuddly. Cringe has the scoop.

Twitter phishing scam: Not so Tweet

No matter how nice your Net neighborhood is, eventually the scum of the earth will move in next door. And so it goes with Twitter. The Twitteratti are all atwitter about a phishing scam that hit over the weekend. The phishing tweets came in the form of direct messages – essentially private texts only Twitter […]

Predictions 3.0: The biggest headlines of 2009

Yes, it’s time again for Cringely to go out on a limb and start sawing. Here are his key predictions for the coming year in tech.

Full Steam Ahead

The earth contains enough heat energy to power the world many times over — if we figure out how to tap into it. Want to see the greenest land on earth, where fossil fuels are almost fossils themselves? Look to an island in the North Atlantic the size of Kentucky. I went to Iceland recently […]

Interview with the Geek Goddess

Is technology different for women? Christina Tynan-Wood, author of the recently published How to Be a Geek Goddess from No Starch Press, says Hell Yes. If anyone should know, it’s Tynan-Wood, who is the only woman to have written monthly columns for both PC World and PC Magazine. She’s currently a contributing editor for Family […]