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Archive for November, 2008

Six ways to save beaucoup bucks on electronics

Whether it’s Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or Stupid Bloody Tuesday, you can find great deals on gadgets and gear this season — if you know where to look. The economy may be going to hell in a shopping basket, but you wouldn’t know it from the crowds I saw at my local Big Box store […]

Biggest Turkeys of 2008

Last year around this time I introduced the Gobblers, my awards for those individuals in the tech field whose behavior most closely resembles a bird whose sole purpose is to be served on a platter. It was such a big hit I decided to do it again this year. Thus I present the 2008 Gobblers […]

49 and a half reasons to give thanks

What do retired billionaires, supermodels, search engines, supervillains, energy drinks, whacked-out actors and fried breakfast pastries have in common? They’re some of the things I’m thankful for this year. If I’m conscious, I’m usually complaining about something. But because it’s almost Thanksgiving I’ve decided to list some of the things I’m grateful for, in and […]

Is Gmail really a ‘train wreck’?

Part Deux of my ‘letters to inanimate software series’ continues with this missive to Gmail, responding to the dozens of commenters on Digg and Culture Crash beat me up over this. Dear Gmail: I know, I know. You’re totally cheesed off about me calling you a "train wreck" the other day. I admit that was […]

Schools, fools, and the tools of ignorance

If not for help from a handful of geeks, Connecticut school teacher Julie Amero would be in prison right now for crimes she didn’t commit. What’s wrong with this picture?

Dear Firefox: Please forgive me…

She was the new girl in town for a while, but Google Chrome has lost her shine. Sorry Chrome: You’ve been swell, but I’m going back to my old flame, Firefox. Dear Firefox: When we met three years ago, I thought: This is it, the browser I’ve been waiting for. I’ve found my life partner. […]

Is Vista Capable? Maybe. Microsoft, not so much.

What do Microsoft and OJ have in common? Highly public courts cases with lots of incriminating evidence. But no amount of laywerly magic may be able to save Redmond from the public’s verdict.

Death, taxes, and the RIAA

Your tax dollars are not only saving billionaire bankers from their own bad habits, they’re also helping to bail out the recording industry. Does the RIAA really truly need our help? To quote Amy Winhouse, “no no no.”

Amazon behaving badly

The Net’s number one store has come under fire lately — for weird listings, rude service, and censorship, among other crimes. Is it time to shop for a new online retailer?

Politics 2.0

The Internet has changed presidential politics forever – and mostly for the better As I write this column, the U.S. presidential race is still tighter than a pair of $2 shoes. But this time around, it might not be hanging chads or hockey moms that determine who wins. It might just be the Internet. [Note: […]

Obama’s CTO: Just do what, exactly?

It’s a lousy job, but somebody’s got to do it. Once we find someone who’s crazy–err, patriotic enough to take the position as our nation’s first CTO, what should he or she do? It might possibly be the worst job in the world, outside of replacing Jerry Yang as Yahoo’s CEO. Yet people seem to […]

The Once and Future Geek King

Obama has yet to fill the position of the nation’s CTO, despite plenty of help from Cringesters. Here are a few more suggestions from the land of the geeks.

Today’s forecast: Gloom followed by increasing doom?

Are we heading toward total economic collapse, riots, and a return to the Great Depression? Yes, if you believe folks like Gerald Celente and Fox News. Don’t look now, but the sky is falling. At least it is if you believe Gerald Celente, who’s making headlines today across the blogosphere with some real downer predictions. […]

Geek Week: Microsoft wants friends, Verizon+Google ends?

Is Verizon dumping Google? Can Microsoft compete face to face with Facebook? If we can put a man on the moon, why not Joe the Plumber? Cringely has answers to all these silly questions.

Windows 7: It’s not you, it’s us. Really.

Are journalists to blame for Vista’s failure to catch on? Will Windows 7 suffer a similar fate? Cringely tosses more gasoline on the OS fire.

Emru Townsend

It is one of the great regrets of my life that it took me so long to get to know Emru Townsend, and that I will never have the opportunity to know him better. I’d known about Emru for years. He was part of PC World’s extended family of misfits and misanthropes, otherwise known as […]

Who will be king of the Geeks?

Very soon the nation will have its first chief technology officer. Whom should Obama appoint? Cringely shares some ideas.

Is Yahoo Dead?

Thanks to the DOJ, Google has backed out of its partnership with Yahoo — leaving the #2 search company dangling helplessly over the jaws of Microsoft. Can it survive?

The 21st Century President

Barack Obama’s national campaign used technology better than any in history. Can they drag the rest of Washington, DC — and the nation — kicking and screaming into the Web 2.0 century? Culture Crash blogger Dan Tynan has some thoughts…read more | digg story

Microsoft haters, Mac daddies, and Linux Lovers

You think the presidential election got people hopping mad? Try talking operating systems. Cringely revisits why people love to hate MSFT.